Day Time Drinking

Daytime drinking is a different buzz, Lets just go for one. I’d love to meet the person who just goes for one, that was lovely. I’m out of here. In my experience of drinking, it takes a couple of pints to get going. The first one always tastes a bit ropey and after 3 you’ve no idea what you’re even drinking.


Depending on what you drink I guess. I always felt jealous of Guinness drinkers. It looked so nice, such dedication, you’d to wait for it to be ready, It was like a date. My Dad loved Guinness so much, he’d only drink it in Ireland,He refused to drink it outside Ireland. Guinness doesn’t travel well, Like it’s a person, when have you been ever on a plane and looked to the left of you and there’s a pint of Guinness saying “I hate flying”

It’s serious dedication. I’ve tried Guinness lots of times,never liked it,people would say, it’s an acquired taste.This isn’t a drink, it’s a vocation, It takes time to get ready and you might not even like it !!.Pints of Guinness looks great,It’s the perfect pint. Back in the day, you’d see pensioners drinking half pints. My god is there anything as cute as a pensioner drinking a half pints of Guinness.


In parts of Ireland you can walk into a bar and all you will see is pints of Guinness. The parish priest even looks one.People have said that a pint a day is good for you, not sure who said that. I’ve never been a doctor who advised me to drink a pint of Guinness to solve the common cold.Anyhow if you’re ever in Ireland try the Guinness, it’s very good for you.If you’re mad busy even go the one.