Hotel behaviour

Jan 26

How we behave in Hotels is weird, if you were staying in a friends house,No way you’d steal the soap, watch sky news naked,ask for extra towels. You can tell how successful you’re doing by the accommodation you’re staying in. If it’s a hostel ,you need to get your shit together.


I’ve stayed in Hostels and I hope never have to do again.The idea of sharing a bathroom with 18 strangers makes me get up early in the morning. I remember staying in a hotel in Earlscourt so rough, the en suite was the pub across the road. There was a sink in the room.If you wanted to take a piss in that. The manager of told me that. This was after he upgraded me, my original room was a skip with a roof


Not really fan of news stations, sky news seems to know tragedy’s before they’ve happened, But once you’re in a hotel room, that all changes, within 30 seconds you’re to up to date on world news and the current financial state of the Dow Jones


One thing I love about hotels is the complimentary biscuits.The biscuits in Hotel rooms taste like nothing you’ve had before. My lord they’re that nice,They make me feel so good, I wash them down with a cup of tea while reading the bible.The Bible in hotels is interesting,never have I been in a hotel room and thought, what would Jesus think ??


Maybe after you’ve felt the guilt of paying for a porno on the adult need redemption.This weekend I’m staying at the Motel one in Newcastle,It’s en suite ,massive televsion, no need to take a piss in the sink.