I don’t remember the last time I went to confession.I was about 14.If I was to go now,I’d need to take a couple of weeks off work. In Ireland you make your first confession around 7.You know the drug fuelled years. Not sure what sins you commit as a  7 year old,Considering you’re in bed every night before 8pm


Bless me father for I have sinned, I stayed up until 10 p.m. I remember going once and I forgot the act of contrition,which is the……. Still don’t know what it is , All I  remember is I forgot it and Father Farrell wasn’t happy.


Priests back in day had a lot to say in the community, So the last thing you wanted to do is mess them about. I remember telling the same sins for 7 years, Going places I shouldn’t go, fighting with my brothers and sisters.Which was a lie,I’ve no brothers.


The fact you couldn’t see the priest was great,He couldn’t make eye contact with you and make the situation more awkward than it was. Something about a 7 year old in a dark box with a priest doesn’t sound like a normal situation.



The last time I went to confession was in senior school. It was very strange day as there was no confession boxes,open confessions ??? In broad day was the worst form of speed dating possible. I had my sins down to the last one ,fighting with my brothers and  I nailed my act of contrition