Jan 23

I’m just back from Denmark,I gig in Europe a lot.All the places i’ve visited in Europe,not one person has said,they’re coming to the UK to take all the jobs.I’ve been to Scandinavia a lot,It’s a very impressive,beautiful people,architecture,What’s not to love.


One thing for sure, you’ll see  lots of good looking,people.Tall,chiselled,blonde.It’s literally where they’re made.There seems no middle ground in how people look,You’re either a Super model or an extra from Lord of the Rings.


Every guy looks like he’s just come off the catwalk and is heading somewhere else that tall people and cheekbones are needed.You don’t to see too many average looking Scandinavians.I know what’s average in Sweden ?? 5.8 and blonde,the shame.


What comes with this beauty ??? Personality doesn’t seem that high.Banter is something Swedish people use in making furniture.Has anyone ever been kept up all night at the bar with those crazy Swedes.Speed dating with Scandinavians might be something you’d want to avoid.


Surprisingly enough Scandinavians  love the booze , probably to escape from been so attractive.Unlike the Irish tho,after 8 hours of drinking,they still look great,no missing teeth,sprained limbs, bruising.Every Irish person at some point has thought,they’d broken a bone,sprained an ankle left their leg in a taxi.I guess when none of this happens when you drink and you look that good in the morning,You don’t have to work on your personality.