London is a wash with coffee shops.Café Nero,Starbucks Greg’s if you don’t give a shit.Gregs is actually not that bad a place. In parts Scotland it’s considered health food store. I’m not ashamed to admit, I’ve frequented  it on various occasions,I’ve lived to tell the tale.


I’ve noticed the it does depend where in Britain you are. London is ok,The further north you go I’ve found the food not up to its £1.99 a sandwich standard. Its very much the mega bus of cuisine. Not sure of health and safety but I’m almost sure smoking while working is frond upon. I had to remind myself,I was in Birmingham bus station and not the south of France


If you haven’t heard of the Megabus,good for you. It’s like a luxury prison bus, The drivers have been known to have a can of Stella while working. It’s so cheap,you can’t complain  This bus is a disgrace!!!!! How much did you pay ??? £ 1 return


When I first moved to London I saw them everywhere “Glasgow for £ 1, I thought that’s cheap. Then I got it and thought, it’s a bit pricey. The bus from London to Glasgow can take forever.It’s the only time I ever felt for the first people who went to Australia by boat. You leave London at 8am and arrive into Glasgow at 6pm.


You’d need a shave getting off it, No  breaks ,for food, drink, it stops for nothing, not even a red light.When you get off it you resemble Robinson Crusoe,GREGS doesn’t seem so bad then.