January 17


You often here as a man as you head out the door,have fun. Fun ??? Nothing about being a man is fun.Not saying it’s all bad,but fun. Challenging, deceitful ,forgettable might be words to describe what happens on a lads night out.


The word fun really goes out your life once you realise Santa is your parents and the whole school thing goes on for years, some people love school , some hate it.I didn’t mind it, I thought it was good craic,might be an Irish thing, we judge everything  on  how much craic you can have doing it.I’d never imagine in a job interview ,what attributes will you bring to the firm???  I’m great craic, will get you the Job



Performance in school is monitored by ¼ exams, which will determine what class you go into, what universities you can apply for, what trade you get pushed into.Back in the day a trade was a great job. There was not much happening in Ireland in the 80’s and early 90’s.Most future carpenters and plumbers left school around 15.Very young, lets be honest,a career in medicine or law was never on the cards for someone who was also a dab hand with a hammer.



I was terrible at both, School and hammers, for years I tried to convince myself I’d adhd ,bi polar ,ac-dc.Some learning disability to explain my poor performance .I remember in woodwork (medicine was never really on my horizon )We’d to build bird houses. bird houses???  really this is what private education is ,fucking bird houses ??? Even i was going WTF!!!



By the 8th week my birdhouse resembled a bonfire that had been ran over by a truck.The fact was I was just wasn’t good in school,some people aren’t, I was one of the also ran’s, who was good craic.


I’d could call that a degree from were I’m sitting.