January 18 …


Every year starts with such promise. This will to my year. It’s all going to happen this year. In the words of the great philosopher Derek Trotter, This time next year we’ll be millionaires.


In a age were people show you their every move. I’m actually in then process of launching a new app ” Shitogram” A place were you can share your every shit.You can have different colours of shit. tag the food you’ve shitted. Tag the friends you’ve shitted with,And of course make the shit look slimmer then it actually is.


It can be see the positives in your  life. Especially if you’re on social media.Everybody seems to be having such a great time. My advice, be careful who you follow.Fuck celebrity’s, get yourself some homeless friends, people with drug problems, People who’ve just lost their job, got dumped by their partner. These people will make you feel like a million dollars


And after you find these people. Tell hem how great your life is, Tag them in a shit.Show them a picture of your shit.



And of course don’t forget have a great year……..