JAN 16 2018

The modern world has gone mad. Every day we get through ,seems like a bonus. Kim Jong un and Donald Trump make the cold war look like Dirty Dancing. It’s that mad that Oprah Winfrey looks like a good candidate as the next U.S President. According to the audience at the Golden Globes. She’d be perfect and who wouldn’t trust Hollywood.


Not sure under the Obama administration this would have happened. But when the President of America says things like” I’m the most non racist person I know” or claims that he’s “Like, really intelligent “ It does seem like an improvement.


Trump has taken the world to a place we didn’t know we could go. Could you imagine even someone as stupid as George W Bush calling another country “A Shithole”


Say what you want about George W at least he’s had advisors. People say Trump has advisors. Who advised him to use shithole? What did he want to say ??? before saying ok , lets go with  “Shithole”


In the latest season of House of cards. A Political show based on Frank Underwood. A Psychotic American President, who’s a closet Homosexual, married to a woman who was having a affair with her speechwriter.


A storyline so fascicle until Donald Trump came long, and made the show like something that should be on Nickelodeon. No mentions of Russian spies, racism, ballot rigging,fake news, what planet are these people living on ??


In fairness to House of Cards, it did out Trump the Donald.When it came out that the lead actor Kevin Spacey is being accused of numerous sexual assaults. Subsequently being sacked from the show, may face criminal charges. Not really sure I’d trust Hollywood about this this whole Oprah thing.


Maybe I’m wrong,Trump gets the sack , Oprah  does get the job. Is Oprah prepared to move to a smaller house ? ?It would be interesting tho,Who would be her Vice President ??  My money would be on Ellen.If that’s the case, America would want to get their dancing shoes on.